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Skylight 2
Jeffrey Inaba’s proposal, SKYLIGHT 2, plays on the familiar and the unknown. An open and luminous shape hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the foyer. The shape itself carries few references or ways of being specifically interpreted. What is recognizable lies in the light.  SKYLIGHT 2 is carried by daylight interacting with built-in artificial light in nuanced variations, and these depend on the time of day and the activity taking place in the Concert Hall. As you move around the foyer the volume will change as your eye traverses the light shape to the other side. The construction consists of several light-carrying layers and reflecting surfaces, and could be experienced more as an ethereal carrier of light than a sculptural object in space.

Jeffrey Inaba is based in Los Angeles and is the principal of INABA, a firm specializing in strategic planning, cultural research, urban design, and architecture. He is Director of C-Lab, an architecture and communications group at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, and has previously taught at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.  Jeffrey Inaba has both a Master of Architecture degree and an M.A. in philosophy of architecture from Harvard.

The Art Committee has acted as jury: Dyveke Sanne, jury leader and art consultant; Hege Tapio Gaare, art consultant; Henrik Melsom Edvardsen, representing Stavanger Concert Hall; Christine Sagen Helgø, representing Stavanger City Council; Cecilie Bjelland, client’s representative New Concert Hall in Stavanger IKS; and Marianne Dale representing Ratio AS Architects.  The art programme for the New Concert Hall is managed by Public Art Norway - KORO.

All six submitted proposals for the foyer of the Concert Hall, will be exhibited in Stavanger during Spring 2011. The public will be able to meet Jeffrey Inaba, Åsa Maria Bengtsson, Anne Marthe Dyvi and Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal. Åsa Maria Bengtsson is working on an art project in the amphitheatre, Anne Marthe Dyvi is doing her sound project: LEKKASJE, and Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal has the project SERVERT in the centre of Stavanger. The artists will be giving talks about their projects at the New Concert Hall as well as showing some of their other work.

The Jury's description, evaluation and conclusion>>>
More details on the exhibition and talks will be published at: www.koro.no/stavangerconcerthall.

INABA JEFFREYpresse_liten.jpg IINABA SKYLIGHT2_liten.jpg INABA_Skylight2_liten.jpg

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