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H. C. Gilje and Marius Watz will creates art installations in Bybanen Tunnels

Relatively early in the planning process, the Art Committee decided to locate an art project in Bybanens tunnels. Inside the tunnels, the artworks don’t have to compete with other visual elements in the cityscape. This creates a more predictable arena for the artist. For the viewers, an art experience will be a welcome change from the usual visual vacuum of the tunnels. The tunnel experience becomes something positive. As a guiding idea for the tunnel projects, the Art Committee refers to the Art Plan: Category B projects shall reflect cultural diversity, ie the variety of the users of Bybanen. The artists are given free hand in regards to the project’s idea, within the framework established in the main Art Plan.

The Art Committee’s intention is that the tunnels act as arenas for temporal art projects. The expected lifetime of the tunnel projects is five years.

The total sum for the B1 commissions are NOK 800 000, distributed among four independent works.  



About Copyright

© Copyright
Permission to reproduce the artworks is obtained from the rights holders and BONO (Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society). The artworks are protected according to Norwegian and international copyright laws and may not be reproduced or made public in any way, analogue or digital, without permission from the rightsholder / BONO.


Large projects

7/22 Memorials




The book Kunst for menneskelige basalbehov presents the art project that was carried out at Bygg for biologiske basalfag at the University of Bergen in the period 1999-2006. The book is in Norwegian, but has an introduction in english.
The book as pdf>>>