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Haukeland University Hospital. Center for Mental and Physical Health for Children and Youth.

In an international prequalification 221 artists from 36 countries reported interest in participating in the competition for interactive artworks at Haukeland University Hospital. Center for Mental and Physical Health for Children and Youth. The site is a meeting place for patients, relatives and staff. This is where you will be welcomed to the hospital. The area will also be a place for social interaction for users of the gymnasium and auditorium. The Committee envisions one or more art projects that provide a recognizable resonance, tranquility and also the possibility of joy, wonder and participation. Based on an overall assessment, the jury chooses to proceed with Miriam Sleeman and Tom Sloan's proposal.


European Attraction Limited
The project European Attraction Limited, Artists: Fadlabi og Lars Cuzner is a remake of the Congo village, originally a part of the fun fair of the jubilee exhibition for Norway in 1914.

European Attraction Limited by Fadlabi and Lars Cuzner is opening Thursday 15 th. of May, at 18:00 in Frognerparken (The Vigeland Park). The art-project will be inaugurated by Mr. Svein Bjørkås, Director Public Art Norway. The press is invited to "Kunstnerenes Hus" in Wergelandsveien 17 in Oslo for a press conference at 20:00 immediately after the opening. The artists Fadlabi og Lars Cuzner, Svein Bjørkås Director KORO and Bo Krister Wallström Senioradviser at KORO will be present at the press conference. Read more >>>


Monument at Sørbråten postponed by one year

The government wishes to ensure that the process surrounding the construction of monuments marking the 22 July tragedies is transparent, dignified and foreseeable. This means that the opening of the memorial at Sørbråten in Hole municipality will be postponed until 22 July 2016. The original plan was for the memorial to be opened on 22 July 2015. That would have required an application for dispensation from Hole municipality’s ordinary zoning procedure, as work would have had to begin before the municipality had considered its zoning plan. The government does not wish to advance the process in this way. Statsbygg will monitor work on the zoning plan. The choice and location of the artwork at Sørbråten is firmly.
Read more : http://bit.ly/july22memorial


Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg has been selected to design Norway's July 22 Memorial sites

Jonas Dahlberg_Cut_1 (Custom).jpg
Director of KORO/ Public Art Norway Svein Bjørkås announced today the jury’s evaluation of submissions and final decision in the closed competition July 22 Memorial sites. The jury’s decision was unanimous, voting Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg as winner of the competition. >>>


The Curatorial as Constellation: Durational Public Art, Cohabitational Time and Attentiveness by Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill’s lecture will look at how the curatorial can be conceived of as a constellation, resists the stasis of the curator-artist-spectator triumvirate and supports more semi-autonomous and self-determined aesthetic and discursive forms of practice that may overlap and intersect, rather than seeking a dialectic (image) or oppositional presentation (form).


The series Critical Issues in Public Art is a part of Public Art Norway’s (KORO’s) focus on knowledge production in our fi eld where we initiate and develop lectures, workshops and publications that discuss current issues.As a little national “giant” when it comes to commissioning public art works, we see there is an urgent need to rethink many of the strategies and policies in this production: The question of representation, financial structures and artistic sensibility versus public frameworks.

The Art Committee for Haukeland University Hospital has invited 8 candidates for two closed competitions

In connection with the construction of a new Center for Children and Youth at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway the Art Committee has received 221 applications from 36 countries from all over the world.


In commemoration of the terror attacks of July 22, 2011, the Norwegian Government is to establish two national public art memorial sites – one in Hole and one in Oslo. As a first step in planning the memorials, artists, architects and interdisciplinary collaborative teams from around the world are invited to participate in an open call for prequalification entries which will end on September 1, 2013. ordsky.jpg  

The word cloud above describes the results of a survey conducted among the Norwegian population. The top five words that most people would like to see reflected in the July 22 memorial sites are solidarity, sorrow, love, reflection and peace. Read more >>>



Following the tragic events of 22 July 2011, the Norwegian Ministry of Culture initiated a process that culminated in the Government’s decision that two memorial sites should be established after the bombing in Oslo, which killed 8 people, and the massacre at Utøya, which killed 69 people. All together 158 people were wounded in these terrorist attacks. The Art Selection Committee hereby issues an open call to a pre-qualification stage, which will lead to a closed competition between up to eight artists, arts and crafts practitioners, architects, landscape architects or collectives. Submission deadline: 1 September 2013. The plan is that the participants for the closed competition will be announced on 20 September 2013, with the winner being announced on 15 February 2014. Read more>>>


International Open Call for Entries for Haukeland University Hospital

On behalf of Bergen Hospital Trust and the Arts Committee for the new Center for Children and Youth, Department of Psychiatry of Haukeland University Hospital, artists are invited to submit expressions of interest to create major public artworks. The purpose of this pre-qualification process is to identify candidates for two closed competitions.

About Copyright

© Copyright
Permission to reproduce the artworks is obtained from the rights holders and BONO (Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society). The artworks are protected according to Norwegian and international copyright laws and may not be reproduced or made public in any way, analogue or digital, without permission from the rightsholder / BONO.


Large projects

7/22 Memorials




The book Kunst for menneskelige basalbehov presents the art project that was carried out at Bygg for biologiske basalfag at the University of Bergen in the period 1999-2006. The book is in Norwegian, but has an introduction in english.
The book as pdf>>>